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Living in the greenery and wilderness, an adventurous way of life found nowhere else. In Thanamalwila Camrin Holiday Bungalow, a symbol of the unique blend of culture and nature offers you the best excitement laced with an abundance of hospitality. You will be lavishly experiencing the picnic excursions in the nearby area paving the way for you to enjoy the visits not only to famous nature reservoirs and historical Buddhist temples, but also to typical rural village experience of the country and grab many more thrilling moments. Come, visit us and experience the difference…!

Discover the excitement of a fully furnished bungalow with four ultra spacious bedrooms and an enormous dormitory, located in a breathtaking emerald green wilderness. It is situated amidst ten acre greenery cultivated with Teak and Lunumidella. Surrounded by nature reserves and historic sights of the area, where Kukul Katuwa tank is merely 20 meters away and the typical rural village “Komaligama” is just 200 meters away from the bungalow resembling the perfect ambiance of retreat.

The guests are privileged by the picturesque rural beauty of the swaying greenish paddy cared by the rural farmers and several significant nature reservoirs and Buddhist temples bearing a historical value. This area is a home to thousands of bird species, elephants and other wild creatures, proving it the ideal spot to rediscover nature and culture in an adventurous experience.

Camrin Holiday Bungalow
Udawalawa-Thanamalwila Road,
Komaligama, Thanamalwila, Sri Lanka.
Reservations : +94773339433
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